Cordova Bay Records hired me to direct a music video for their country/rock crossover due Austin Belle for their upcoming single Just Drive. The catch? There was only a week to get an approved concept, and one day the artists were available to be filmed.

Because Austin Belle duo are super fun and have a real chemistry together, I thought a cool video would be a series of vignettes consisting of  goofy antics while the two were on a road trip. We had use off an awesome 56 Chevy – also used for the single artwork – and the farming community outside of Abotsford, B.C. as our location and set. The video was shot in 6 hours.

I hired David Malysheff of Gamut Productions as my director of photography and assistant director. I have worked with David on a ton of commercial jobs and knew I could count on him to get this ambitious shoot done in the limited time allowed. On the shoot day, in early July 2014, was a mix of clouds, rain, blazing sun and an overheating car. It was also an amazing time.

This was the first video I did on my own working as director, writer and producer. Definitely out of my comfort zone at the time, but I am very glad I took on the challenge.