Hello. I’m Michael Tension. I was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. I have spent my life working creatively in anything that I can from art to film to music. I see all mediums as another tool to add to my tool kit. Strong creative comes from a good idea; and my true strength is being able to come up with clever ideas quickly. The best part of working with me is that I don’t just stop at ideation. I can put creative teams together to meet a specific budget and time-line and execute an idea to perfection.

I currently work as a freelance creative. This has proved to be the perfect fit for the assortment of skills I have collected throughout my life this far. I now work as a Creative Director, teaming up with other creative professionals and smaller agencies on their campaigns and projects. I have directed live action film and photo shoots, concepted video and on-line campaigns, and developed brand identities and collateral. Recently, I have also expanded my skill-set to include the creation and direction of interactive advertising and transmedia projects. Some of the current brands I am working with include: WildFire by Google, FreeMonee, Quester Tangent, Walker product Group, Cordova Bay Records, 1E and Impact Radius.